About Us

A Few Words About Us

Team Squeegee is the world's only Super Hero Window Cleaning collective! When they aren't saving the world, they are making all views brighter for everyone that calls. These courteous professionals that often work in their undercover attire, have over 30 years of Window Cleaning experience, and will always be prompt, patient, and perfect.

Your windows will be marvelous and magnificent, and every job gets the Super Hero SEAL OF APPROVAL -or you don't pay a dime!

A letter from the Owner:

Original logo for Team Squeegee

"Thank you for visiting! My name is Rob and I am the very proud owner and operator of Team Squeegee, LLC. Team Squeegee has a wonderful back story full of challenges, successes and lessons learned over its' 30 year life span operating as a small business. In 1985 my father started a local window cleaning business serving the Jacksonville area and named it "Squeaky Clean"! His logo was of a cute little mouse holding a squeegee that was painted on his 1980 Isuzu Pickup!

I was just a kid then but I could tell my father loved what he did for a living and he was quite successful. I remember seeing him each Saturday night organizing his index cards of customers and routing out the most efficient way to serve them. Later, he would re-brand under the name "US Windows" and, as a teenager, when I asked him why the name change, he exclaimed, "Do you know how hard it is for a big corporation to take you serious when your name is 'Squeaky Clean'"?

In 2010, my father asked me if I would like to take over his business so he could retire. It was very tempting but at that moment in my life I was comfortable and hadn't lived in Jacksonville for almost 20 years. But a need to return to the place I call "home" led me to make the call after-all, and take him up on his offer. Once we started working together again, I found that same passion for a love of cleaning windows that I saw in my father's eyes so many years ago.

Window Cleaning had come a long way from just a bucket and a squeegee! I quickly learned that the top Window Cleaners in the industry were now using pure water technology, di-ionized water filtration systems, carbon poles, TDS meters and so much more.


While learning about the industry and drawing from my father's years of experience, I came across a

Caleb Whitaker, 6, of Windber gives a high-five to window-washer Ed Hetrick dressed as Superman on Monday morning, Oct. 22, 2012, as Hetrick and a crew of costumed washers from Allegheny Window Cleaning Inc. descended upon Children's Hospital in Lawrenceville. James Knox | Tribune-Review

photo of window cleaners washing windows for a children's hospital while wearing super hero costumes and I thought, 'Why  don't we do this at customers' homes ? How fun would that be?!'

And thus, Team Squeegee was born! While we don't wear the costumes every day (we quickly found out it gets very hot under those costumes!), we do wear them from time to time especially upon request or when we do charity.

On behalf of all of us at Team Squeegee, it is with a reverent appreciation that we get to service your business or home. We genuinely love what we do and cannot wait to meet you!"

How We Work


During the estimate phase we will do a home inspection and bring any concerns to your attention. Then, we will give you an exact cost for the services you are interested in. Once the job is accepted a deposit equal to half the amount of the services to be rendered is required, then, we will schedule the services!


Once the service has been scheduled, you can rest easy knowing that your Super Hero's will be on time and ready to complete your services! a 24 hour notice is required for rescheduling/canceling.


Two days before the scheduled services, you will receive an email reminding you of the appointment. When we arrive, we will greet you and get to work doing what we do best! Upon completion, we will walk around the home to ensure complete satisfaction. We accept all forms of payments!

Super Clean!

Rob at work!