Termite Inspection

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Got Termites?


If you think you have termites, or just want a second opinion, call your Super Heroes at Team Squeegee and schedule a free visit with Rob! Rob is not only the Owner of Team Squeegee, but he is also a Certified Operator (Termite and Fumigation) for the State of Florida. His vast knowledge and experience is yours anytime you need it and best of all, you don't have to be an existing customer!



During the inspection, he can advise if termites exist, and also give his professional opinion about what types of treatments would be best if termites are present. Because Team Squeegee is not in the pest control business, Rob does not provide a form 13645 which is the form the banks usually need for the sale of a home,  but he can advise how to get the form and what to look for from a pest control inspector. Let Team Squeegee provide you with a little more peace of mind, call today!

*Please note that Team Squeegee is not responsible for any damages caused by termites to your home upon inspection or thereafter. Our insurance policy does not cover any termite related claims. We only offer this as a free service to give you a little more peace of mind. Team Squeegee is not responsible for damages caused to your home from anyone providing pest control services to your home. Team Squeegee acts only as an advisory role and can only recommend other pest control companies and or treatments based on an observable inspection the day of the inspection. Before the inspection, you will be asked to sign a release of liability stating that you understand and agree to release and indemnify all liability from Team Squeegee, LLC when it comes to termites. We want to be able to give you a little more peace of mind, and our very experienced Certified Operator will give it to you straight.  Don't hesitate! Call today!


Also available for residential services: Window  Cleaning, Fence Installation, Gutter Cleaning

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