Window Cleaning Services

Super Simple Pricing!


For Homeowners we now offer 4 Window Cleaning Services: Annual, Bi-Annual, Quarterly Services, and our Affordable Luxury Plan.

With Team Squeegee, every service includes :

     Clean Glass inside and out
     Wipe down window sills
     Steam Clean tracks
     Vacuum tracks
     Remove Screens
     Wipe down screens
     Put screens back


1Annual Services for most 1 story homes under 3k sqft is only $190.



2Bi-Annual Scheduled Services for most 1 story homes under 3K sqft is only $155  per cleaning. (a $70 savings!)



3Quarterly Scheduled Services for most 1 story homes under 3K sq ft is only $140 per cleaning! (a GREAT $200 savings!)


4Affordable Luxury Plan is our most popular plan for homeowners! With this plan our customers receive 4 cleanings a year. Only $140 for the first cleaning and then only $25 a month after. This includes unlimited touch-ups! Qualifying houses under 3k Sq Ft.

Outside only cleanings are available at a reduced rate. Call for free estimate!

Commercial - Services:


Your store front windows are a direct representation of your business's quality of services or goods! Don't let a dirty window cost you potential business! We do weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or annual services for most of our commercial store front owners. And for most offices, we can reach up to 4 stories safely without the use of ladders. 

Commercial - Free Touch Ups:


For all of our store front customers: If you're on a weekly or bi-weekly (once every 2 weeks) service plan, we offer free touch ups even during your unscheduled time of service. The bottom line is if we walk by your store and see dirt on the windows or doors, we will clean it free of charge. Got the big boss coming in? Give us a call so we can come and make sure everything is Super clean for you, for FREE!

Also available for residential services: Gutter Cleaning, Fence Installation, and Termite Inspection

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